Apple Watch Series 2

So, I’ve had my Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch strapped to my wrist for over 6 months now and much to my surprise, it has actually spurred me on to get fitter, drink enough water and be slightly more conscious of how much (or how little) physical activity I’m doing throughout the day.

Apple Watch Series 2 – Long Term Review

Apple Watch Series 2
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The smart capabilities of the watch make it more than just a timepiece, it’s not quite a statement watch and not one you’d wear with a tux but it’s unobtrusive and sleek. It is a big chunk of expensive glass, and at first, I did try and protect it with a case and screen protector but eventually I got rid them both. There are one or two little scratches on body but otherwise, it’s surprisingly durable. I couldn’t quite bring myself to wear it for Tough Mudder but it’s survived visits to the gym and pool and more importantly – toddlers!

What is it like to live with an Apple Watch?

As with many things Apple, it’s still working, it’s easy to load apps and effortless to update. For everyday use, I find it holds its charge quite well and usually put it on charge every couple of days or so. There are plenty of buzzes and dings alert you to all of its functions all of which can all be tailored to your needs. It mirrors satnav from an iPhone so handy for those travelling on two wheels and you can even use it to pay for your shopping as it can be integrated with Apple Pay meaning you get to look super cool. Well, almost…

If having a smartwatch that’s more than just a fitness tracker is your thing, then the Apple Watch Series 2 is for you. A huge improvement over Series 1 and a more affordable choice than a Series 3. Opting for a larger screen with a third-party strap is by far the most shop savvy way into the Apple Watch world.

Where to buy an Apple Watch in the UK

As well as from Apple’s website, you can buy an Apple Watch series 2 in most of the  major electronics retailers. There are often good deals on used models on eBay (especially when a new model comes out)

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