Our friends at Vincent James Watches posted a Facebook video last week that intrigued us. It turns out there is a company making watches from wood! Can a wooden watch really be as good as a metal or plastic timepiece?

Leafwood Wooden Watches

Leafwood is a company we weren’t familiar with, and they appear to be the latest micro brand to create different-looking watches which, even if not to everyone’s taste, must be welcomed in a very conservative industry. This isn’t a full watch review as we’ve not got our hands on one yet but they have proven so popular on Facebook that we thought it was time for a feature.

A watch? Made from Wood?

Juglan Nut Blue
Buy a Leafwood Juglan Nut Blue

The company says that sustaining the environment has never been more stylish since the launch of their wooden watches: their flagships are the Terra Juglan and The Juglan Nut (which comes with an Italian leather strap). Leafwood are making both of the new watches from 100% recycled Walnut. Because no two pieces of wood are the same, a wooden watch will always be 100% unique and the wood will age over time as your skin’s oils react with the wood and blend in gently.

The Juglan Nut and The Terra Nut are lightweight to wear. THe company says they will be durable – and there is no reason to suggest they’ll be any more fragile than a plastic timepiece – indeed any dents and scratches will only add to its character.

But are wooden watches worth the money?

Buy a Terra Juglan Gold
Buy a Leafwood Terra Juglan Gold

Whilst we don’t think a wooden watch would be a daily wearer in the office, we love innovative timepieces at WRUK. We can imagine a watch made from wood really turning some heads. Our favourite piece in the collection is the Terra Juglan. The offset asymmetric square-ish case and leather strap make it look unusual. We prefer it to the more conservative Juglan Nut, which more closely resembles a “normal” watch.

The Terra Juglan has an automatic Miyota movement inside. It’s a dependable and accurate quartz movement and includes day and date function. The quality movement sets it aside from the cheaper wooden watches from eBay and Amazon. These bamboo cheapies may be cheap, but they are really not in the same league as Leafwood’s walnut offerings.

Buy a Wooden Watch

Fancy one for yourself? If you don’t want to wait for one to turn up on eBay then you can buy one direct (we get a proportion of every sale made through this link to you are supporting us when you buy!)


Author: Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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