The Irukandji Dive Watch is on KickstarterThe Irukandji Dive Watch is on Kickstarter

Another selection of watches has arrived on Kickstarter in time for summer. Here are some that we’ve not yet covered: are they hits or misses?

Neucarl Sept Mai

We heard from Neucarl earlier this year, then all went quiet so we were surprised to see this one pop up on Kickstarter. It’s a dress watch with a unique look, and we are quite surprised to see the low-level of backing. We’ve not handled a prototype so can’t speak for the quality, but the specifications certainly seem up to scratch.

Neucarl Sept Mai
Neucarl Sept Mai on Kickstarter

Click here to view the Neucarl Sept Mai.

Austin Sydney

What would happen if IWC and Filippo Loretti got together and designed a watch? We suspect they’d end up with something like the Austin Sydney. Although this looks like the kind of Chinese-built watch that seems to do so well on Kickstarter, this one has not got anything like the funding of the other efforts we’ve seen: at the time of writing they have attracted just nine backers.

Click here to see the Austin Sydney campaign.

The Irukandji Dive Watch

This one is getting a lot of interest on the Facebook watch forums, and with good reason. The Irukandji is a good looking, colourful dive watch at a good price point and with the unique selling point of a variable crown position. You get to pick whether you have the crown at the 4 O’Clock or 10 O’Clock position. That’s a level of customisation we’ve not seen before!

The Irukandji Dive Watch is on Kickstarter
The Irukandji Dive Watch is on Kickstarter

Click here to back the Irukandji dive watch.

Buying a Watch on Kickstarter

Remember that Kickstarter is not a shop, it’s a place where you can back new businesses, That means you will have a wait before the watch you preorder arrives, and there is always a risk of losing your money. Don’t let that scare you off – read our guide to buying a watch on Kickstarter to find out more.

By Mike Richmond

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