Today brings another new year and another new decade. WRUK takes a look at a couple of new Kickstarter projects that have caught our eye.

Kickstarter Watches Roundup January 2020

It’s a relatively quiet month for Kickstarter watches, but a couple of projects have launched in January, perhaps with an eye on post-Christmas shoppers.

Ciga Design Z Series

The Ciga Design Z Series has already beaten its modest funding target on $10,000. Such a low target raises our eyebrow, as it often means that the project is already well-funded by a corporate backer – but on the flip side that does mean many of the risks associated with Kickstarter are somewhat mitigated.

Ciga Design Z Series

As for the watch? It’s firmly in the Richard Mille mould with a titanium tonneau case and skeletonised dial. Inside is a rather pedestrian Chinese Seagull ST2553JK movement running at 21,600 Hz, which is a shame as for the price, and with its looks, we’d have expected a Swiss option. Overall? It will divide opinion but at £190 it is not overly expensive for the specifications on offer.

Click here to view the Ciga Design Z Series on Kickstarter.

Wolbrook Skindiver WT World Timer

Wolbrook has gone with a time-honoured Kickstarter tradition and marketed their watch as a remake – in this case of a watch that was worn by Neil Armstrong. The Wolbrook Skindiver WT is another meca-quartz aviation watch, but it does at least look different to the others we have seen. There is also an automatic version, with the Miyota 8215 movement – which is a shame as that movement can suffer from issues with a stuttering second hand.Douglas Skindiver WT

We think this one looks great, and as you can see in the photo it closely resembles the Douglas watch it is based upon, including the red text on the date wheel. Prices start at £128 for a quartz model and £239 for an automatic. We think this that the design makes this one to watch despite the high price for a Miyota 8 series timepiece.

Click here to back the Wolbrook Skindiver WT on Kickstarter.

Buying a Watch on Kickstarter

Remember that Kickstarter is not a shop, it’s a place where you can back new businesses, That means you will have a wait before the watch you preorder arrives, and there is always a risk of losing your money. Don’t let that scare you off – read our guide to buying a watch on Kickstarter to find out more.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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