We can barely keep up with the number of watches on Kickstarter these days. Here are four that caught our eye this week.

Kickstarter Watches Roundup

Squarestreet Novem

First up: a moonphase chronograph designed in Sweden. The squarestreet Novem watch features a working moonphase and an attractive guilloche-type textured dial. We’re not sure about the case, which resembled a 50p coin, but at least they are trying something different. When you back this watch you will also help to clean up the oceans, which has to be a good thing in anyone’s book.

Find out more about the Squarestreet Novem at Kickstarter.

Aquacy 300M

The Aquacy 300M is doing really well, having smashed its funding goal early in its campaign. A more traditional dive watch, this one stands out due to its colourful dials (including mother of pearl and abalone) and a choice of the reliable and high-quality Miyota 9015 movement or an ETA 2824 Swiss movement. Both are solid choices, and the $279 price of the Miyota version is excellent – especially when you look at the long list of added extras.

Head over to Kickstarter to read more about the Aquacy 300M.

Heart of Australia

The Heart of Australia watch is a three-handed quartz watch with the USP of some genuine red soil contained within the dial. This one doesn’t really do it for us, it uses a cheap quartz movement and the choice of mineral glass suggests a build on a budget – but we suppose that if you love the land down under then it might be nice to carry a piece of soil around on your wrist to remember it by…

Read more about the Heart of Australia watch at Kickstarter.


Finally, we have a reissue of a classic timepiece from the 1990s – the Ikepod. Two models will be produced: the chronograph Chronopod and the two-handed Duopod. We prefer the two-hander as it looks cleaner and the dial does not distract you from the cool case design. Both are quartz-powered, and so the starting price of £269 is high – but, for your money, you are getting something very different to the usual Kickstarter-fare. We would have expected an automatic movement for the price, to be honest. Nevertheless, it has absolutely smashed its funding goal thanks in part to the variety of cool dial designs.

Read more and back an Ikepod watch on Kickstarter.

Buying a Watch on Kickstarter

Remember that Kickstarter is not a shop, it’s a place where you can back new businesses, That means you will have a wait before the watch you preorder arrives, and there is always a risk of losing your money. Don’t let that scare you off – read our guide to buying a watch on Kickstarter to find out more.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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