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While they may come in a wide range of designs and styles, one thing that all luxury timepieces have in common is that they aren’t just your average fashion accessory. These are often items that have been part of a family for generations. Looked after and cared for in a way far beyond that even of someone’s favourite item of clothing or piece of jewellery.

In some cases, however, luxury watches don’t just come into someone’s possession through inheritance; in fact, the world of watch investment is growing.

And there’s a good reason for that; most luxury watches come with price tags that make the cost of some cars (and houses) seem irrelevant. Not only does this make them a sought-after item, but it also begs the question what occasions should these items be worn for, and in some cases whether they should be worn at all.

With that in mind, should a luxury watch be classed as a commodity or considered an investment? And if you’re on the lookout for a luxury watch what should you bear in mind?

But firstly, a brief history lesson.

What Makes a Watch a Luxury Item?

While there is no formal definition of what a luxury watch is, the general consensus is that its one that has been manually manufactured to the highest standard using top quality components including gold, silver, platinum, and precious jewels. Luxury watches are also limited in production to create scarcity on the market. These aren’t the only factors, but they sure help in enabling a certain kind of watch or brand to attract a premium price.

Brands That Encompass Luxury

If you’re in the market for a luxury watch, now, you’re faced with the not so simple of the decision of choosing what model to go for.  This post could run for literally thousands of words looking into what brands offer what.

We won’t do that here because there’s already hundreds of great resources that touch upon luxury watches from The Holy Trinity to the latest limited-edition releases. Instead, we will run through some the highlights from the industry for those who look to get started in investment. Here we’ll be looking at the brands to keep an eye on and the marketplaces to check out.

Omega Speedmaster ReducedOmega is a world-renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker that even those not associated with the watch industry will have heard of. That’s most likely due to the where the brand has been featured over the years. From being the first wristwatch to make it to the moon, thanks to Buzz Aldrin in 1969, through to their partnership with Mr. Bond, they have a wide range of luxury watches on offer, catering for just about everyone.

Talking of the Holy Trinity, perhaps a Patek Philippe timepiece is more your style. Even older than the Omega brand, these watches are also some of the best that money can buy, and are among the top ten expensive watches ever sold at auction.

Another brand that needs no introduction, Rolex is another luxury watchmaker that’s been hugely popular over the past century. Having been around since 1905, the Rolex is a watch that’s been seen on the wrist of many famous faces including Elvis Presley, John F Kennedy, and Martin Luther King.

Rolex Datejust ReviewEach and every Rolex watch goes through a number of strict tests during the manufacturing processes, guaranteeing the watch’s quality. The brand even has its own in-house science lab. Being able to scientifically prove your product’s value and ensure only the best is released is one of the reasons as to why these are still some of the most popular among celebrities.

Hublot is yet another brand that has managed to make the leap in widely acclaimed fame and is often referenced throughout popular culture. Like all models from leading watch manufactures you can find certified Hublot watches online, through respected marketplaces, gone are the days when you didn’t know what you were getting or who from!

Final Thoughts

I guess the real answer is whether a luxury watch should be classed as a commodity or investment comes down to the individual. Several social-economic questions come into the equation from the overall wealth of the individual through to the end cost of the watch.

Ultimately, wherever and whenever you decide to wear a luxury watch is of course down to you.


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