Now here’s something for those who like a light-hearted touch when it comes to their watches: the UNDONE Peanuts collection of customisable chronographs.

Introducing the UNDONE Peanuts X collection

For those unfamiliar with UNDONE, their unique selling point is that every aspect of the watch design can be customised. Like picking out a Subway Sandwich, you choose a case, dial and hands and then pick the colours and designs you like. The New Peanuts range allows you to also add Snoopy, Charlie Brown or any of the rest of the gang to your watch face. Prices start at just £255 which, for a watch that is unique to you, sounds like a pretty good deal!

View the full collection here at

Here are our favourites – click the links to have a play with the customiser. It’s a heck of a lot of fun!

Peanuts X Undone ‘Linus’ £270

Click here to customise an UNDONE Peanuts X Linus watch.

Peanuts X UNDONE ‘Flying Ace’ £310

Click here to customise an UNDONE Peanuts X Flying Ace watch.

Peanuts X UNDONE ‘Peppermint’ £255

Click here to customise an UNDONE Peanuts X Peppermint Patty watch.

UNDONE Watches – Specifications

The watches above all feature UNDONE’s standard quartz chronograph movement – the Seiko VK61. It smoothly sweeps when the chronograph is activated and has an instant reset just like a mechanical stopwatch. The bonus is that because they are quartz they are accurate and reliable – and a lot cheaper than a mechanical alternative. The watch cases are 40mm in diameter and fitted with a hardened, domed K1 mineral crystal. We’d have preferred a sapphire option as domed crystals can easily pick up scratches. Nevertheless, given the level of customisation on offer, we can live with the specs at the price point.

Buy an UNDONE watch

You’re best off buying your UNDONE watch direct from the manufacturer, or else you will not get to play with the superb configurator and customise it to your exact specifications. Click here to view the collection and customise your watch.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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