It’s not often we come across a design that’s truly unique, but we think the TACS Automatic Vintage Lens 2 might just be one of the coolest designs we’ve seen.

Introducing the TACS Automatic Vintage Lens 2

TACS is a Japanese watch brand that creates lifestyle timepieces. For this watch, they have been inspired by vintage cameras, and the watch exudes the vintage vibe of an SLR camera. It’s actually their second attempt in this style, with some new and upgraded features that improve on its predecessor: ideas. First, there has been a change in the rings and layers that create the impression of depth in the camera lens. A diamond-cut crown has been added and the minute indicators are in the style of a focus ring.

TACS Automatic Vintage Lens 2 – Specifications

At 47mm this is a real statement of a watch – so this could be bold or cumbersome, depending on your wrist size. Under the hood is a Miyota 8-series movement. It’s a reliable and proven workhorse that should not give any trouble for many years. Sapphire glass is provided at both the front and the back, which will keep the watch relatively scratch-free in daily use, and it’s made of 316L steel which is the minimum we would expect in a serious timepiece. The Horween calf leather has a quick release system. which we are starting to see more and more in smaller brands and which we think is a brilliant idea for keeping your lugs scratch free.

Buy a TACS Automatic Vintage Lens 2

The TACS Automatic Vintage Lens 2 is currently available to pre-order until October 18th at the price of $440 – that’s a discount of 20% on the final retail price. It’s pricey for a 21 jewel Miyota-based watch but if you like the styling you’re not going to find anything else quite like it, even on eBay!

You can order one at:

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