Nordgreen Guardian watch

The latest watch from our favourite Eco-Friendly Danes has been announced: Introducing the £599 Nordgreen Guardian.

Introducing the Nordgreen Guardian

Whilst many watches may boast eco-credentials such as being made from wood, recycled plastics etc. these all have a relatively short lifespan, meaning they need replacing and therefore are less of a sustainable option than they suggest. Nordgreen spent time researching how it could make a watch that would never need replacing (coming with a 100-year minimum guarantee), resulting in the most sustainable watch available in the world – the Guardian.

Nordgreen Guardian watch

However, the Danish watchmaker wants to redefine the watch industry by making its white paper on sustainable manufacturing, transportation and recycling available for all other watch brands to access and utilise – inspiring other manufacturers to produce more sustainable watches, rather than gatekeeping this info and competing with other brands.

Nordgreen Guardian watch

Of course, this manufacturing offers physical eco-friendly credentials too; including recycled stainless steel, longer-lasting sapphire glass, a full-service repair and refurbishing program and packaging made from third-generation recycled PET plastic from Swedish Lostboylab.

Nordgreen Guardian watch

Designer, Jakob Wagner commented We wanted to design a watch that would help Nordgreen play an active role in cementing a mindset and a community for those dedicated to saving our planet. For me, the Guardian is so much more than a watch. It’s a movement. A state of mind. It’s a symbol not just of caring about nature, the environment and humanity, but of having the strength of mind and strength of character to actively help

Nordgreen Guardian watch

In addition to the launch of its Guardian watch, Nordgreen has partnered with external sustainability consultants to actively work towards transforming its business to become carbon neutral. During the entire production process, Nordgreen has looked critically at all aspects of production from design details, choice of materials, corrosion resistance, transport costs, service, repair and the ramifications of refurbishing, with the aim of ensuring full traceability of the total environmental impact of each timepiece it creates.

First Impressions – Nordgreen Guardian

We’ve been quite impressed by the Nordgreen watches we have seen so far. We’ve forgiven their slightly higher pricing due to their solid environmental credentials. This new watch promises to be their most sustainable offering yet, and the price tag of £599 (£509 with your WWREVIEW discount code) is significantly higher than any Nordgreen watch we’ve seen so far.

With the Guardian, Nordgreen is moving upmarket and the question will be whether they can step up their quality to match the others who inhabit this competitive market segment. The specifications of the watch are solid, but other Miyota 9-series watches are being released at half the price so it might be tough for the Danes to get a foothold, despite their unique selling point. We do like the design and have been promised the loan of a review sample so we can give our usual honest opinion.

Buy a Nordgreen Watch

Nordgreen watches are sold exclusively online from the Nordgreen UK website (use code WWREVIEW for 15% off, making the Guardian just £509). You can also get Nordgreen watches from, often at a slight discount.

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