Marloe Coniston

The latest design from Marloe watches, The Coniston, launched this month. It is named after the English lake where Donald Campbell set his speed records in the Bluebird K7, and where he sadly met his fateful end.

Introducing the Marloe Coniston

The theme of the Marloe Coniston is based around the Bluebird’s distinctive colour scheme. The blue they have chosen is similar to the shade on Bluebird K7 and is contrasted with yellow accents from the Bluebird’s badge and intake covers. Marloe have a good reputation for making quality timepieces, and this hand-wound watch comes in at a reasonable sounding £299.

Marloe Coniston – First Impressions

We’ve not yet handled a Marloe watch, so our first impression is based on photos and recommendations for friends. What immediately stands out is that Marloe has designed a watch that doesn’t look quite like anything else. In a marketplace full of three-hand minimalist dress watches and Rolex Submariner clones, it is refreshing to see a truly original design.

We really like the design of the hands, which are like nothing we’ve seen before. The dial, which seems to have a lot of depth, looks great -especially in the blue colour. We’d like to see some more choice of pastel shades, like the EMG Nemo, as the current choice is only really between blue or monochrome. Overall, we think the watch shows promise and hope to get our hands on one to really get a feel for it.

Marloe Coniston – Specifications

  • 40mm diameter, 10.5mm depth
  • Hand-wound mechanical movement – 21,600bph
  • Accuracy of +25/-15 seconds per day
  • Polished bespoke case
  • Sapphire domed crystal with AR coating
  • Exhibition case-back with perimeter engraving
  • BG-W9 luminous treatment
  • Tan leather strap
  • 65g (with strap)
  • 20mm lugs
  • 10 ATM

About the Marloe Watch Company

Marloe Watch Company is an independent designer and producer of wrist watches based in Oxfordshire, England. Oliver Goffe and Gordon Fraser crossed paths in the spring of 2015, they quickly founded Marloe to reinvigorate the world of hand-wound timepieces. Taking its name from the town of Marlow, close to where Oliver grew up, the company’s values are strongly bound to tradition and design. It is these values, along with a love for Oliver’s father’s passion for vintage timepieces, that inspired the creation of beautiful watches powered by manual, mechanical movements.

Buy a Marloe Coniston

You can order a Marloe Coniston at their website:

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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