Too few Kickstarter watches have caught our eyes this month, other than those we have already covered so there no crowdfunding roundup this month. Instead, we thought we’d share a watch that made us smile: the Happiewatch!

Introducing the Happiewatch

This is one of those watches where the movement and specs are less important than the looks. The way it works is that the left eye displays the hours and the right eye displays the minutes – that’s a pretty novel way of telling the time and should make a good talking point. The watches are all limited editions, and you can choose vegan leather, metal or nylon straps to finish off the look.

The Happiewatch comes in a whole range of different styles – what grabbed our attention was the designs based around Donald Trump and Joe Biden. We’re not sure how much longevity those will have after November’s US Presidential election, but there are plenty of other more timeless designs to choose from.

How does the Happiewatch work?

Wondering how they manage to separate hours and minutes into separate dials? Well, it’s because they fitted two quartz movements to each watch. That looks like it means you have to set the hours and minutes independently with the twin crowns.

It’s an odd arrangement, but quartz movements are far more accurate than mechanical movements (this one is rated at +/- 20 seconds per month) so it is unlikely that the two times on display are going to drift out enough to bother you before it’s time to change daylight savings time. And as we’ve said before, you don’t buy a novelty watch for its timekeeping!

Buy a Happiewatch

At just £150, we think that the Happiewatch is cheap enough to justify as a novelty purchase. You can preorder your Happiewatch at Indiegogo now, the campaign has about three weeks left to go at the time of writing.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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