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The trend for customisable watches is not going away. Up until now, the market has been pretty much sewn up by Undone, but Kustom Watches aims to challenge their dominant position. What can Kustom offer that their competitors cannot?

Introducing Kustom Watches

Kustom tell us that they wanted to create a watch that could be customised by anyone at any time. It’s a bold claim, but they think they have made the most customisable watch ever with the ability to change every component of the watch every day.

Every component of the Kustom watch from the dial to the strap is interchangeable and simply snaps into position with no tools required. They do this by incorporating the dial and quartz movement in a unit that clicks into the back of a bezel. It is an interesting idea and one we have not seen before, with other customisable watches needing to be ordered as you want them.

Are Kustom Watches Any Good?

It’s hard to say without trying one, and we are very aware that the simple choice of a quartz movement will switch off the majority of watch enthusiasts. However, WRUK will cover any watch from cheap digital watches like the Casio F-91W through to the most expensive Swiss brands so we are prepared to give it a chance. We have been promised a hands-on review of a Kustom watch so follow our social media feeds to be updated when we publish the review in a  few weeks.

Buy a Kustom Watch

The Kustom watch has not yet launched, but you can sign up at the Kustom website to keep updated with details.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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