GAUGE Instruments Timeline Collection

GAUGE Instruments are a new British watch company. Describing their mission as “to deliver eye-catching pieces that each makes a unique statement, yet which remains affordable,” they are now taking pre-orders for their limited-edition “TIMELINE” watch collection – with a 15% discount for Wristwatch Review UK readers. They certainly look unique, but can they live up to their promise?

Introducing GAUGE Instruments TIMELINE collection

GAUGE Instruments is a new UK-based watch company that draws its inspiration from the dials and gauges on vintage cars. They use Swiss quartz watch movements, which will switch off some watch enthusiasts immediately, but we are not prejudiced against quartz watches here at WRUK – and without the large ticking second hand that some find so offensive, the inner working of most of the GAUGE Instruments watches will not be obvious.

The TIMELINE watch collection is split into three separate styles: VINTAGE, CLASSIC, and PHANTOM. Each style has two variants, so there are six watches in total.

  • The CLASSIC, for has a highlighted minute and a date disc in a colour that matches the dial.
  • VINTAGE pieces add a little twist to traditional timekeeping: the red-gauge hour hand
    is the largest hand, amd minutes are read along the edge of a smaller, inner circle.
  • The PHANTOM family is a minimalist one-handed watch.

The GAUGE Instruments Timeline collection is limited to 999 pieces. Each watch is made to order, assembled by hand, and incorporates a Swiss movement

Buy a GAUGE Instruments TIMELINE watch

If you fancy one of these striking-looking watches (and we do think the design is really interesting), GAUGE are taking pre-orders on their website. The same risks apply as with Kickstarter – although they have not chosen to crowdfund in that way – so beware as you may have a relatively long wait for your watch. The link to the GAUGE Instruments website to preorder a watch is

GAUGE Instruments Discount Code

GAUGE have kindly offered our readers a 15% discount off the RRP of their watches when you use the code WRUK-15 at the checkout.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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