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Though the watch industry is dominated by big brands, there is a growing scene of “microbrands”. These are tiny teams or even one-man operations that produce small runs of watches and usually sell them direct to customers. Many smaller watch brands use large factories to produce their watches, but every now and again we hear about a company that makes almost everything themselves – such as the Indicator watch.

Introducing – the Indicator Watch

The Indicator watch is made by a team of just three people in a small ancient town called Uglich on the Volga River in heart” of Russia. It’s cut from a solid rod of titanium, and everything but the movement – right down to the oil resistant rubber rings on the crown – is hand-made in a small workshop. The Indicator watch has a design that resembles an industrial gauge, with a chunky case and a crown set at 2 O’clock. The use of titanium rather than steel should keep the weight manageable and it will most certainly make a statement!

Indicator Watch – Specifications

  • All titanium вт-6с (5gr.) case – 44mm or 38mm,
  • Crown, bezel, screws, back cover all handmade
  • Dial: hand turned brass, white lacquered/ silver with patina/deep “pearl” silver (like in 50-60s)
  • “Zero” and hands: hand polished & heat blued carbon steel
  • Movement: Poljot 3105 (made in USSR in 80s for Red Army) with fine tuning to increase the power reserve from 42 hours to 53
  • Glass: sapphire 40×1,3mm, 1 side AR coated.
  • Strap: leather, handmade
  • Buckle: 316L st steel, silver soldered, handmade
  • Water Resistant to 50 m

Buy an Indicator Watch

A handmade watch in a limited edition of 50 pieces doesn’t come cheap, but at the price of $2500, you certainly get your money’s worth. Each piece must be individually pre-ordered with a 50% down-payment, and manufacturing time is about 2 months (+/-1 week) as everything is individually hand-made to order and engraved with your unique serial number. You get lifetime servicing and spares, which is more than you can say for some of the Swiss brands at higher price points!

In the future, further versions of “The Indicator” are planned – the company is preparing a miniature 25mm version (on Chayka 1601, 16mm) and a version with automatic movement. Find out more and order your watch at

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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