Ocean Crawler Navigator

Ocean Crawler is a microbrand that produces dive watches in a range of bold and modern colours. Their latest model is the Navigator Titanium, which has just been announced and comes in a choice of three colours.

First Impressions: Ocean Crawler Navigator Titanium DLC

Some readers have misunderstood what our First Impressions features are about, so it’s worth reiterating here. We only review watches that we have actually tried. That means that if you see a review called “A Week on the Wrist” we were loaned a watch to try for seven days, or a “Long Term Review” is of a watch actually owned by the article writer. First Impressions are just that: a news article about a new release based purely on what the brand has told us. We think there is value in bringing these stories so you can see what is coming up, but it is not a review and should not be interpreted as such!

Ocean Crawler Navigator Specifications

As you can see below, the ocean Crawler Navigator has similar specifications to many of the other microbrand divers’ watches we have covered. The Sellita SW-200 movement is a reliable Swiss automatic that will be easy to service in the future. There is nothing in the specs that raise any flags!

  • Case Diameter (excluding crown): 43.1mm
  • Case Thickness: 14.8mm, Lug-To-Lug: 50mm, Lug Width: 20mm
  • Case Material: Grade 2 Titanium DLC Coated
  • External Bezel: Unidirectional Rotating Sapphire Bezel with 120 Clicks and Swiss
  • SuperLuminova Markers
  • Internal Bezel: Bidirectional Solar Compass Bezel.
  • Movement Accuracy. +/- 2 seconds/day in 3 positions
  • Water Resistance: 600 meters, 2000-feet or 60 ATM
  • Movement: Sellita Sw-200
  • Frequency: 28’800 vibrations per hour
  • Power Reserve: 44 hours.

The Unique Selling Point of the new Ocean Crawler is its built-in solar compass.

The way the Solar compass internal bezel works is:
1. We point the hour hand to the direction of the sun
2. We move the internal bezel by turning the crown to match the hours
on the bezel to the actual current hour of the day.
(Using the Orange markers if in the northern hemisphere and
using the white markers if in the southern hemisphere).
3. Holding the hour hand pointing towards the sun the internal bezel will show the cardinal points (Orange for Northern Hemisphere and White for Southern Hemisphere).
More experienced readers will be aware that you can actually do this with any watch, but the Ocean Crawler does at least have the cardinal points printed on it to make it easier for those of us who get our East and West mixed up!

Buy an Ocean Crawler Navigator

The Navigator will cost $1,300. That’s a big chunk of change, but not unreasonable for the specifications. There is something of a race to the bottom between microbrands lately, so although we would not criticise the pricing, a similarly specced Hamtun Kraken will cost £339 – which is just under half the price. Be aware that it is the Hamtun that is cheap and not the Ocean Crawler that is expensive.

The Ocean Crawler Navigator should be now available to order from https://www.oceancrawler.com/

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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