Lytt Labs Inception

Lytt Labs have updated their Inception series to V1.1. We never saw the Lytt Labs Inception V1.0, but we are told that this new watch updates its predecessor in some key areas.

First Impressions: Lytt Labs Inception V1.1

This is a new brand to us, but we were immediately intrigued by the design of this watch. It has something of the “Seven Friday” about it, being a square-cased watch which has a novel approach to telling the time. In this case, it uses spinning discs instead of hands. The case is made from 316L steel and a sapphire crystal is used to resist scratches. The watch is powered by a 24-jewel automatic Seiko NH35 movement. That’s a reliable and accurate workhorse, but we would expect something higher-grade for the asking price.

Lytt Labs have been around since 2014, and their only watch so far has been the Inception V1.0. The Lytt Labs Inception V1.1 adds new hour and minute discs, a new dial font and redesigned markings and textures all round. Luminescent paint has been used for night-time visibility on all areas of the dial: numbers, markings, logo and indicator arrows.

Buy a Lytt Labs INception v1.1

Lytt Labs did not share details of pricing of this new model with us, but the Lytt Labs Inception V1.0 comes in at €699. It’s a cool-looking watch, and although brands like Seven Friday can command a premium price for watches with a fairly pedestrian movement, there is a lot of competition out there. We think that the asking price is expensive for an unknown brand, especially when you add import VAT onto the cost as they ship from Singapore. If you like the design and have pockets deep enough to buy one, you can find out more at their rather slick and well-presented website

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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