EMG Horizon

Hands down the most popular watch on our website is EMG’s DL63. The fledgeling company have now revealed the first 3D renders of their next project: The EMG Horizon.

EMG Horizon Chronograph Watch

We were impressed with the design and construction of EMG’s debut, the DL63 Panda Chronograph when we spent a week with it, and it proved so popular that a second batch was produced. Although numbers were limited, it may be possible to buy an EMG DL63 in the UK soon as limited quantities are being released in mid-December on the EMG website. Sign up to their mailing list for news on those.

EMG Horizon Chronograph
EMG Horizon Chronograph

We first covered the EMG Horizon back in September, and since then the company has ordered a batch of prototypes. We are particularly fond of the Turquise model, so we are crossing our fingers that they will have one to send us for a week on the wrist feature next year.

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About the EMG Horizon

The EMG Horizon is a square watch. The case design is reminiscent of the TAG Heuer Monaco series, although this watch promises to be far more affordable! It has a motorsport feel, with twin subdials and will be available in a range of different colours. We love the turquoise one (just in case EMG missed us mentioning that!) and in a world filled with black and steel watches, this one will really stand out.

The movement EMG have chosen has been switched from the Miyota 6S21 to the Seiko VK64 quartz chronograph movement which has a smoothly sweeping chronograph hand, no ticking second hand and an instant “snap” chronograph reset, just like a mechanical watch – but with the reliability and accuracy of a battery watch. This solid, proven movement combined with the company’s new production partner means that this may well be the model that breaks EMG into the microbrand mainstream.

3D Renders of the EMG Horizon Chronograph

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The EMG Horizon launches on Kickstarter in 2018, and you can be sure we will be the first to cover it, so sign up to our Facebook page to be the first to hear about it!

By Mike Richmond

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