which watch should I buy

Analogue and digital watches both have extremely loyal fans who advocate very strongly one way or the other, but why would you choose to wear either one on your wrist?

Should I buy a digital or analogue watch?

To get started, let’s look at exactly what each of these types of watches means: analogue watches are probably the first thing that you think of when you picture a watch in your head, a minute hand and hour hand ticking away mechanically; whereas a digital watch will have a little screen that displays the time in digits electronically. So, which should you buy?

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Should I buy a digital watch?

Easy to read, completely accurate, and with no moving parts, digital watches are ideal for those who want to quickly see what time it is at the flick of a wrist. Often equipped with back lights so you can see the time in the dark, and many other features such a GPS, a stopwatch, a calendar, pedometer or heart rate monitor, digital watches are ideal for those who are active, or want to get a little more from their wristwatch.

However, the digital display is often crowded with information and numbers due to the many features present, which can get confusing at first glance.

Should I buy an analogue watch?

If you’re a bit old fashioned, or just old at heart, an analogue watch is a must have. They do their job and tell the time simply, whilst still looking good and giving off that classic watch vibe. It’s not to say that analogue watches don’t have great features as well, and some often have the date, or position of the sun to help give the wearer a little bit of extra information.

Analogue watches are not as precise as digital watches however, and it’s a little bit more difficult to tell the exact time.

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