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New watch brand VAAR say that their Lofoten Collection seamlessly blends streamlined Bauhaus design and Nordic scenery into a captivating watch. We’ve heard claims like this before but can they deliver?

Coming to Kickstarter – VAAR watches

VAAR’s first watch collection will be launching on Kickstarter on 15th October 2018. Their Lofoten Collection features an array of minimalist watches that are influenced by the area’s unique Nordic scenery with Bauhaus design elements. The watches are available in various case and dial colour options, and each watch has a luminous dial and hands. Wearers can choose from various strap designs to give their timepiece a customised look.

First Impressions of VAAR watches

VAAR provided no details about case material, movement or price point – but we would assume these use a basic Japanese quartz movement. The marketplace is packed with three handed minimalistic quartz dress watches, and it seems like another one is launched on Kickstarter every week. Like all the others, if you want a basic grab and go quartz watch that is inexpensive and looks good then you can’t go far wrong with these. Price will be a factor, of course, as the market is very, very competitive and VAAR go up against high street brands like Daniel Wellington that have already got a lot of traction.

Like their Danish cousins Nordgreen, VAAR believes in Corporate Social Responsibility, and they intend to give 5% of their total income to people in need, so they can start something new themselves. For that reason, we feel that they deserve a chance – and the market will decide whether or not their design and build quality match their asking price.

Buy VAAR watches

The VAAR Lofoten Collection will soon launch on Kickstarter. To keep up to date on progress and be informed out as soon as the campaign goes live, sign up at Early backers will save 40% on the eventual RRP.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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