Aiverc watches are a new watch brand that is coming to Kickstarter. Originating from Sydney, Australia, they promise that they offer something different to the other microbrands.

Coming to Kickstarter – Aiverc watches

We won’t trouble you with the text of Aiverc’s press release, as it is full of the usual platitudes about affordable luxury and the ability to express yourself through your watch. Here at WRUK we like to cut through all of that and get down to brass tacks. What we have, with Aiverc’s “Jørn Utzon” collection is a series of watches inspired by the architect Utzon’s work: the Sydney Opera House, Faena Hotels and Royal Ontario Museum. There’s nothing in their promotional material to suggest that estate of the man himself is involved, so we’ll presume this is an homage.

What the design of these watches reminds us of more than anything else is the rotor design of the Arcturus LC-1 with its asymmetric lines. It’s certainly a striking look, which we would see as being aimed at a predominantly female audience with the light dials and rose gold case and hands. The 40mm size is rather large for a watch that is mostly dial, but it’s not uncommon these days for both sexes to wear watches this size.

The Unique selling point of AIverc is the ability to add “charms” onto the watch band. Not something we’ve ever found ourselves wishing for, but the younger, female audience the brand is targetting seem fond of Pandora et al so it is probably not so crazy an idea.

Aiverc Watches

So, the big question is “are Aiverc watches any good?”. For now, we simply can’t say. The brand has no history – like many other Kickstarter brands – but a few flags are raised for us thanks to the Chinese origins and uninspiring brand name – which is a little too close to Aevig for comfort. We’ve checked and cannot find any watches that the design is cloned from, but stand happy to be corrected in the comments.

When it comes to specs, you are not getting an automatic movement, nor a Swiss quartz. For the asking price of AUD $240 we would expect something more than a Japanese Miyota quartz movement. yes, the big fashion brands like Daniel Wellington and Fossil are selling  quartz watches at this kind of price but they have brand recognition to fall back on.

Buy an Aiverc watch

After a few small hiccups, the Kickstarter campaign is launching on Tuesday, February 12, at 9am PST. Here is the link to find out more.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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