Christmas Gift Ideas for Watch Lovers

Do you have a watch lover in your life? They can be hard to buy for, and watch fanatics are famously picky about which watches are “cool” and which are not. Avoid the pitfalls and find him or her a gift they’ll love this yuletide with our guide to Christmas gift ideas for watch lovers. Click the images for shopping links to save time!

Christmas gift ideas for watch lovers

We’ve split up our guide into sections to help you choose the perfect present.

Iain Lee Casio watch
Buy a Casio calculator watch

Cheap gift for a watch lover

First off, let’s look at what you can buy for less than £25:

We think that the Casio F-91W is probably the best wristwatch in the world. It may be cheap and plastic but even the most hardened watch fanatic has a soft spot for Casio’s little digital winder. They are less than £10 from Amazon – delivered! Want to splash out? The Casio calculator watch is less than £25 – and will make your watch lover the coolest kid in the class (in 1984!)

How about a new strap or two? The most common watch strap size is 20mm so you can’t go wrong with a handful of quick-change NATO straps. Two straps and a changing tool can be had for less than £15 on Amazon.

Mid-range Christmas gift ideas for watch lovers

Expand your budget to around £200 and there is a wealth of opportunity. There are not many watches that a watch fanatic will thank you for buying in this price range, but the odd gem is available.

Undone – Design your own watch!

For the watch lover who has everything, what about a company that enables you to design a watch that is totally unique? That would be Undone Watches. From a choice of models, you can customise every aspect of the watch – right down to the name on the dial. And by using the code AWIN_10 you can get 10% off at the checkout! Click here to start your design.

Buy a Rainer Watch Box
Buy a Rainer watch box

Another good idea for the watch lover with mechanical watches is a watch winder. Opinion is divided on whether these are actually a good idea but they provide a nice way to display a watch collection. Amazon do a nice looking four watch winder for £100.

An extensive range of watch boxes is available on the internet. The selection at eBay and Amazon are about the same quality at the same price, and you can get a watch for anything from a single watch up to a 24 watch box! The best watch boxes on the market, though, are made in Germany by Rainer. They are expensive but stunningly well-made. Click here to see the range of Rainer watch boxes.

Christmas gift ideas for watch lovers: Expensive watches

Finally, for the really special person in your life, you could buy a luxury Swiss watch. There is a huge selection of watches – both new and used – available on eBay. Luxury watches range from low-priced, lower-quality brands watches such as Michael Kors all the way up to well know brands like Rolex and Omega.

Christopher Ward Watches
Buy a Christopher Ward watch from eBay

For a balance between quality and price, we’d recommend taking a look at the watches from Christopher Ward. They are designed in Britain, built in Switzerland and cost a fraction of the price of the equivalent quality watch on the high street. We recommend signing up for their mailing list – they regularly send out free vouchers for £50 or £100 off! Their free printed Loupe magazine is a great read, too.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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