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We’ve seen plenty of wooden watches in the last couple of years. So far, none have managed to impress us. Is the new wooden watch range from owood any different?

Canadian Brand owood Launches New Wooden Watch Range

The trouble with most wooden watches is that they are very obviously fashion pieces. Therefore they tend to use cheap, mass-market quartz movements that just do not enthuse watch collectors. Canadian start-up owood claim to offer something different: their watches (presumably just the cases and bands) are made entirely from reclaimed steel and wood.

First Impressions: owood wooden watches

It is nice to see a sapphire crystal on the watches, which shows some intent to move wooden watches up from the bottom of the barrel. On the other hand, they are still made with quartz movements and are unlikely to convert many of the watch enthusiasts who frequent our website.

If you want a wooden watch and can live with the compromises, then you might want to consider these watches over other wooden watches that cannot demonstrate their environmental credentials. If quartz three-handers are your thing, or you are looking for an unusual gift, then these might just tick your boxes.


Classic collection
 40 mm men watch
 1L32 Miyota Japanese quartz movement
 Stainless Steel 316L
 Silver case
 Sapphire crystal glass

Minimalist collection
 40 mm men watch
 GL20 Miyota japanese quartz movement
 Stainless Steel 316L
 Silver / rose gold case
 Sapphire crystal glass
 3 ATM Water resistant

Mira collection
 30 mm square women watch
 GL30 Miyota japanese quartz movement
 Stainless Steel 316L
 Rose gold case
 Sapphire crystal glass

Buy an owood watch

KICKSTARTER: The three types of owood watch will be available for pre-order on the
Kickstarter crowdfunding platform on July 16th at 10H AM EST Time. For more information see : www.owood.ca/kickstarter

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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