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When it comes to choosing a brand-new watch, people tend to generally go for aesthetics rather than practicality, focusing on the face of the watch, or even the brand rather than how the watch fits into your life. Depending on what type of lifestyle you have, or what hobbies you enjoy, different watches can have different compatibilities or incompatibilities with your life, and the type of strap that your watch has is often a big factor.

Which Is The Best Watch Strap?

Leather, rubber, nylon and metal are the most common watch strap materials, and here are the pros and cons of each type.

Leather watch straps

Leather is a good choice for those that want a more classical look, and it’s suitable for everyone as it doesn’t rub or irritate the skin. However, leather does wear with age and may need to be replaced more frequently than metal or rubber straps, and they tend to get sticky in humid places.

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Rubber watch straps

Rubber works great against the elements, tackling water and temperature well. They also dry easily and quickly, and don’t fade in the sun so are great for those who play sports or spend a lot of time outdoors.

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Nylon watch straps

Comfortable, adjustable and available in a variety of colours and styles, nylon watch straps are a great all-rounder as they work well when they get wet, they stay in place and they are often brightly coloured and pleasing to the eye.

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Metal watch straps

Sturdy, reliable and they go with everything, metal watch straps – or watch bracelets – often tend to be the most expensive type of strap. Depending on the metal used, these straps can be either weighty, or more lightweight which can be suited to your style, however they do tend to scratch quite easily, so may not be ideal for those who go mountain climbing, or use their hands a lot.

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How to Change a Watch Strap

We have a page about changing a watch strap, so click here for more information.

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