Avi-8 Flyboy Centenary Collection

Avi-8 is a watch brand that is dedicated to producing aviation-themed watches. We’ve had our eyes on their RAF-themed timepieces for a while now, and they are supplementing their collection of aviation-themed watches with a new collection of 1960s and 1980s themed watches: the AVI-8 Flyboy centenary series.

Introducing: the AVI-8 Flyboy Centenary Collection

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Air Force. The UK had the first independent air force in the world, and the men, women and machines of the were RAF involved in seminal chapters of military history. To commemorate the centenary, Avi-8 has developed a new watch collection that pays tribute to different eras of the RAF. Each watch is based on their Flyboy family with a unique dial, font, hand, strap and index customisation for each decade. Each limited-edition collection will be launched, in chronological order, throughout 2018 via select retailers worldwide and via Avi-8.co.uk. The 1920s and 1040s edition have both sold out, and the latest two releases cover the 1960s and 1980s.

Avi-8 Centenary 1960s Edition

Avi-8 Flyboy 1960s edition

The 1960s were the advent of the jet age and there was a growing level of progress in the RAF. Aircraft such as the Lightning, the V-Class strategic bombers the Hawker Hunter (which is subject to its own Avi-8 watch) sharpened Britain’s airborne capabilities. The 1960s edition of the Centenary Flyboy has 43mm case with an exhibition case back. The hand-applied indices add depth to the dial, which is a translucent blue to show the inner workings of the watch. We think this is the best-looking Avi-8 watch yet, as it has an effortless cool whereas some of their other designs seem to be trying a little too hard. Click here to read our hands-on review of the AVI-8 Centenary 1960s watch.

Avi-8 Centenary 1980s edition

The 1980s edition has a different design, despite sharing the same mechanics as its 1960s-themed sibling. It has a more plain design more reminiscent of a modern aviator’s watch, with a clean and easy to read black and grey aesthetic. The textured dial adds a touch of class, and we expect this one to be a popular model.

Avi-8 Flyboy Centenary Collection – Specifications

Although they are affordable watches, AVI-8 watches still meet or exceed the minimum level of quality we expect from a quality timepiece: A 316L Stainless steel case, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and either a quartz chronograph or self-winding three-hander. The Avi-8 Flyboy Centenary collection is powered by a Miyota 8-series automatic movement. We’ve seen some issues with stuttering on previous Miyota 8 watches from the brand where the second hand was a little too heavy for the lower-end clockwork but hopefully, these pieces will be better due to the use of a small subdial for running seconds. What is for sure is that the Miyota movement is a reliable workhorse that is ideal for a first automatic watch.

Buy an Avi-8 Flyboy Centenary Watch

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By Mike Richmond

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