Audric SeaBorne review

AUDRIC means “Old and wise ruler” in French or “Noble ruler” in German. The AUDRIC Seaborne is a Swiss-Made watch from Singapore that is built and assembled in Neuchatel, Switzerland. It launched on Kickstarter a couple of days ago, and we took a look at a pre-production model.

AUDRIC SeaBorne Review

The first thing that leapt out at me when I opened the box was the colour. The particular shade is a bit of an acquired taste, but I’ll put it to one side as I review the watch as it is available in other colours too.


The second thing I noticed was the weight of the watch. This is one big beast! It feels similar to the Spinnaker Amalfi on the wrist – but it comes in at a more manageable 43mm in diameter. Everything feels solid: I liked the detailing on the case-sides; although the finishing is a little bit sharp. The crown is a good size, if a little gritty to screw down, and the movement – an elabore Sellita SW-200 is an excellent choice, being accurate, reliable, and easy to service.

At the front we have a sapphire crystal; round the back is a solid case back with light etching of a sea turtle – I much prefer a deeper engraving like Christopher Ward uses. Regardless, the watch is good for 500m of water resistance.

Dial and Hands

The dial has a deep sunburst effect and rhodium-plated hands. It really comes to life as it moves about in the light, but is a little hard to read in low-light conditions as everything is a similar shade. I like the design of the hands, which are crisp and modern. The markers and date window are surrounded in metal and everything lines up nicely.

The action of the bezel is superb, the AUDRIC SeaBorne really captures that “expensive” feel. I was less enamoured by the multi-coloured chapter ring, which I thought looked a little cheap by comparison to the high standards elsewhere.


I really like the way the bracelet integrates into the case. Short lugs make the watch wearable for the small-wristed and the end links and bracelet links are thick and solid. The clasp is equally well-built, with a neat pull out ratcheting diver’s extension that I demonstrate in the video review. The links are screwed, and are easily altered with a 1.2mm watchmaker’s screwdriver.

The negative for me was the complete absence of micro-adjustments on the clasp. This means that for those in-between links the diver’s extension must permanently be partially extended, which limits its usefulness and – to be blunt – doesn’t look very good. A frustrating oversight. I also found the circle pattern underneath the clasp mechanism looked really blurry. Up-close it’s not, but it gives an almost “hammered” effect that just didn’t work for me.

AUDRIC SeaBorne Video Review

What I Liked

  • The watch looks and feels of very high quality. Materials and craftsmanship are – bar a few sharp edges – second-to-none
  • The elabore Sellita SW-200 movement is an excellent choice: reliable and accurate without the ETA price tag
  • If you like big, bulky dive watches this one ticks all the boxes. I loved the solid, heavy feel.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The colour of the review sample is an acquired taste; most will go for a black model I expect.
  • The clasp really needs micro-adjustments. This is a heavy watch to be flopping around on your wrist if you don’t get a perfect fit.
  • I’d like to have seen a deeper case back engraving – it is one of those touches that adds a feeling of quality to a watch.

AUDRIC SeaBorne – the WRUK Verdict

Overall, the AUDRIC SeaBorne is a solid watch. In its price range, it is competing with the likes of Christopher Ward – and that’s a tough act to follow. Build quality is comparable, but CW watches come with a better case back and a five-year warranty. The AUDRIC SeaBorne is one of those watches where, if you like the way it looks, you can be assured the quality matches.

Buy an AUDRIC SeaBorne

The AUDRIC SeaBorne launches on Kickstarter on June 2nd: early bird prices will start from $600, which is spot on for the quality and specifications. It’s a little harder to recommend at the RRP of $1000 so get in while the early-bird pricing is available.

Back the AUDRIC SeaBorne Kickstarter campaign here:

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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