Arpiem Tribute TJW-2 Watch Review

We love motorsport themed watches here at WRUK, but it’s been a while since we had one to review. The Arpiem Tribute TJW-2 puts that right.

Arpiem Tribute TJW 2 Review

Arpiem – say it out loud, RPM! – is a brand that makes a selection of motorsport-themed watches. They cater for a range of budgets with this, the Tribute TJW-2, being amongst their most affordable pieces. The presentation is excellent with a mini flight-case that oozes quality and I had to double-check the €279 price tag.


The 41mm case wears a lot smaller, making for a very comfortable watch indeed. The 12.9mm thickness helps with the balance. The finish is superb, with no sharp edges, and the chrono pushers work with a positive click.

The Seiko VK-64 movement means the price is low, accuracy is high, and you get a balance between low-cost quartz accuracy and the feel of a mechanical watch. The downside is that I am not a fan of the movement’s 24-hour dial at the 3 O’Clock position. I’d much rather have ticking seconds there instead. 

Dial and Hands

The Arpiem Tribute TJW-2 dial rewards your attention as you realise that it is made up of several coloured layers. The effect looks far better than I could capture in a photograph, so I attempted to demonstrate it in the video review. 

I loved the way that the sub-dials, rather than being circular, resemble a car’s instrument panel and the fact that the hands strongly contrast with the dial means that my number one criticism of chronographs – legibility – is not an issue at all. If I had to pick one thing that could be improved, it would be the date window. It’s recessed quite some distance behind the dial, and it makes the date look off-centre from some positions.

Strap and Clasp

Full marks to Arpiem for fitting the Tribute TJW-2 with a strap that looks good and feels great. Like the rest of the watch, it felt smaller than the 20mm width might initially suggest. The backing, in orange to match the dial, is smooth. I was really impressed – and it is not often I say that.

The butterfly clasp is a fairly standard type, and although it never popped open (it is double-secured with a push-button release), I would be tempted to replace it with a thicker single fold version. That’s a personal preference rather than a failing of the clasp itself.

Arpiem Tribute TJW-2 – Video Review

What I Liked

  • I love the way the watch looks.
  • I love the way the Arpiem Tribute TJW-2 feels on the wrist.
  • The €279 price makes it great value.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The watch wears smaller than the dimensions might suggest
  • I am not a fan of the VK-64 movement’s 24-hour dial.
  • The recessed date wheel can make some dates look off-centre.   

Arpiem Tribute TJW-2 – The WRUK Verdict

I struggled to find enough words for this review. That’s not because I didn’t like the watch – quite the opposite – what the Arpiem Tribute TJW-2 does, it does perfectly. It is attractive to look at, inoffensive to wear, and the specs and price are absolutely right-on. I really struggled to find three negative points. So, I’ll keep it brief: If it’s not absolutely clear already, the Arpiem Tribute TJW-2 is a brilliant watch. If you like the way it looks, you should buy one. 

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By Mike Richmond

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