Apple Watch Series 2

Like many couch potatoes aspiring to shed a few pounds and get slightly fitter, I started off with a smartwatch, more specifically an Apple Watch Series 2. I opted for the aluminium body with a sports band rather than one of the more expensive ceramic models with a fancier strap. However, having tried it on in the shop I did shell out a little extra for the slightly larger screen.

A Week on the Wrist – Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch series 2
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As with all things Apple, everything looked the part. It was nicely packaged, easy to set up with an iPhone and I was ready to go and get fit in no time. The body felt solid enough and the strap was sturdy although I was acutely aware I had a large amount of glass strapped to my wrist.

Connecting via Bluetooth to my phone, it was effortless to set-up, integrate and add the specific apps. Apple has definitely cornered that marketplace, so there was a lot of fitness apps available that worked with the watch. From running away from imaginary zombies to monitoring your daily water intake, it was all there, on your wrist, as well as on your phone.

It even runs standard apps like messaging and voice calls, which although fun at first, did quickly get cumbersome once the novelty had work off, although calling someone in the shower is still fun! The phone is waterproof and even has an expel water feature. Once I eventually joined the gym I did notice a little chafing on my wrist when the strap got sweaty but other than that it’s an excellent smartwatch with a few more features than a fitness-specific device.

Buy an Apple Watch series 2 from Amazon
Buy an Apple Watch series 2 from Amazon

What is good?

  • Looks darn good
  • Easy to use
  • Loads of features

What is bad?

  • Expensive to buy
  • Costly to replace the screen
  • Sport straps can chafe

Buy an Apple Watch in the UK

As well as from Apple’s website, you can get hold of an Apple Watch series 2 in most electronics retailers. There are often good deals on used models on eBay (especially when a new model comes out)

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