apple watch custom strap

We thought we would try something a little different this month – instead of trying a watch for a week, we are reviewing a custom strap. We bought this hand-made Apple Watch strap from the Strap-Works online store, custom made to our specifications. How did we get on with it on the wrist for a week?

A Week on the Wrist – Apple Watch Custom Strap from Strap-Works

Watch straps can be easily overlooked, but the strap forms a key part of the look and feel of a watch. Some people never change the strap their watch is on, or choose a cheap replacement when it wears out. A good quality custom strap is relatively inexpensive but can make even a  budget timepiece look fantastic. The Apple Watch is a good example – as a relatively plain watch, the strap makes all the difference to how it looks. You can buy a cheap Apple watch strap online from eBay or spend hundreds on the official Apple-branded versions. What we found lacking was anything in-between, until we stumbled upon Strap-Works.

apple watch custom strap

Strap-Works Custom Apple Watch Straps

We were familiar with Kerr from Strap-Works thanks to the internet watch forums, where collectors congregate to compare their collections. For a fraction of the price of the big-brands, Strap-Works produced us this black Apple Watch strap from ostrich leather.

What we liked

  • The stitched in Apple-watch fittings come with the strap, so it just clips right on like an OEM strap
  • The leather is supple and luxurious-feeling, and the colour is a great match for the watch

What we didn’t like

  • The buckle is shiny silver, so doesn’t match the Apple watch bars. We would have preferred a matching anodised grey colour.
  • The strap does not quite taper enough at the end so it is a little awkward to fit it through the buckle

apple watch custom strap

Strap-Works custom strap: The verdict

This Apple Watch custom strap is as soft and supple as any strap we have seen, and the hand-stitching and finish are absolutely spot-on. It looks good and feels like an expensive strap. Best of all, because it was custom-made, it fits precisely the size required, making it extremely comfortable. We would not hesitate to buy more straps from Strap-Works in the future.

By Mike Richmond

Mike spends what little spare time he has writing for WRUK; and what little money he makes building up his collection of timepieces.

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