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The still-youthful house in an industry dominated by centenarian brands – Bremont. They can already look back on a surprisingly long history and a portfolio packed with watch designs that actually mean something to us British folk. We love nothing more than spending a day perusing historical archives, journeying back to yesteryear, and drooling over the most beautifully crafted motors and military aircraft. Now we can drool over a Bremont watch (although I wouldn’t recommend it) since they are developed so closely in line with the profiles of the cars and aviation tools that have inspired them.

An introduction to Bremont watches

The Henley-based manufacturing facilities where each Bremont watch is made is a hub of inspiration to which their beautifully composed pedigrees are brought to life. Until you can fully understand the authentic craftsmanship behind a Bremont watch, you won’t be able to appreciate its beauty. They’re ruthlessly engineered to explore deep waters, perform up to 80,000 feet in the air and be ejected from aircraft at a rate of 500mph. Their movements are chronometer rated – their designs symbolic of the revival in true British watchmaking.

Bremont watch

Bremont has created several special edition timepieces, and when I say “special”, it’s in a different sense to what any other rival watch manufacturer can offer. The limited-edition watches that Bremont make often incorporate a real slice of British history inside them. The Bremont H-4 Hercules watch pays tribute to the “Spruce Goose” – the largest aircraft of its time in 1947 when it took flight for the first time on November 2nd. The steel, rose gold and platinum watches are all powered by chronometer-certified movements that contain an original piece of birchwood from the fuselage, carefully placed inside each propeller blade. In a slightly different way, Bremont underscores the rarity of other special edition timepieces, like the Jaguar D-Type limited edition watch of just 300 pieces. The model is defined not only by its intricately crafted Jaguar steering wheel-inspired rotor, but also its crown, which has been engraved with the original Dunlop tyre tread etched into its otherwise smooth surface.

bremont watch
Photograph by Nicholas Brett, used under a Creative Commons licence

Pilots Watches

Bremont has also developed a range of pilot’s watches including the ALT1-B (GMT) chronograph watch that mirrors a design the company created for elite B2 “Stealth Bomber” Aircrew in 2012. The watch features many examples of Bremont’s cutting edge technology, like their Roto-Click internal bezel, a DLC coated steel case and a 100-meter water-resistant case construction with layers of anti-reflective treatment applied to its sapphire crystal front. There’s also the Bremont Boeing watch collection. These advanced designs set new benchmarks in pilot’s watches, with cases developed from aviation grade metals. The AIRCO MACH 3 model, developed in 2018 to mark the 100th year of British military aviation, however, boasts a signature military RAF blue coloured dial, surrounded by a satin-brushed hardened steel case in Bremont’s patented Trip-Tick construction for enhanced robustness. Speaking of military-inspired timepieces, the Bremont-brothers who founded the company back in 2002, have collaborated with military personnel and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) honouring Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, to create watches for the Royal Air Force, the British Army and the Royal Navy.

Bremont watch

Bremont Jaguar Watches

However, if you’re looking for something understated and simple in a luxury watch, the Bremont Jaguar watch collection celebrates the best of British car manufacture. The no-frills Bremont MKIII model is one of the most parred down designs created by the manufacturer. The timepiece has hour markers reminiscent of the numerals found on Bremont’s E-Type watches and has been equipped with a tachometer scale and a winding crown, sharing its design with the former MKI and MKII models in honour of one of Britain’s most prestigious car manufacturers.

Buy a Bremont Watch

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By Nina Scally

Aside from juggling nappies, tantrums and failing at pastry-making, Nina has been writing for the luxury watch industry both as a hobby and for a living for the past 8 years. Writing to a male-dominated audience can be challenging at times. But she likes a challenge. Just not pastry.

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