Whether you’re an artist, a business person, a nurse or a swimmer, you’ll be looking for very different things from the watch you wear. From digital to analogue, and cheap to expensive, there are watches to suit every type of personality. Here’s what to look out for:

(we’ve even linked to where you can buy each watch on eBay to make it easy for you!)

5 Watches to Suit Every Type of Person

Buy a Seiko World Timer watch at eBay
Buy a Seiko World Timer watch from eBay

The Traveller

World Time Watch

It’s not easy flitting around from continent to continent, but if you are going to be flying through time zones you might as well try and keep track. A world time watch like the Seiko Gent’s World Time Prospex Watch offers you the option of seeing the time in any time zone in the world at just a glance.



Buy Withings Activite Watch at eBay
Buy a Withings Activite Watch from eBay

The Geek


Apple Watch, Withings Activité or Samsung Gear are all contenders for those who want what is practically a little computer around their wrist. Offering all sorts of features such as showing photographs, receiving phone calls and even telling you the weather, you’ll always be connected with a smart watch.



Buy a Fossil Grant Skeleton Watch from eBay
Buy a Fossil Grant Skeleton Watch from eBay

The Serious Person

Skeleton watch

Perfect for businessmen, and those who need to clearly keep an eye on the time, but still want something nice to look at on their wrist, a skeleton watch like the Fossil Grant Men’s is an ideal way to make sure you’re never late for a meeting.




Buy a Fitbit from eBay
Buy a Fitbit from eBay

The Sporty Type

Sports watch

Packed with all sorts of features, a waterproof sports watch such as a Fitbit, TomTom Runner or Garmin Forerunner all allow for a fit and healthy lifestyle. Who knew that tracking heart rate, calories burnt, steps and activity could be so much fun?


Timex Expedition watch
Buy a Timex Expedition watch from eBay

The Macho Man (or Woman)

Field watch

If you love getting your hands dirty, getting stuck into things and going on adventures, then a rugged field watch like the Timex Expedition is just the ticket. Boasting a canvas or leather wrist strap, a black anti-glare dial and white numbering, this watch is easy to read in any situation and the strap is cheaper to repair or replace than a metal bracelet.

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