watch movements

A Guide to Watch Movements

People collect watches for their craftsmanship as well as their looks, and the craftsmanship required to make a watch by hand is in short supply today. Although most watches are made on a production line modern mechanical watches are no less valuable than vintage ones. Find out more about the different watch movements in our guide.

New: ACHTUNG Aviatorē collection

We featured the ACHTUNG Classic Yellow watch last month in our “Week on the Wrist” feature and it certainly attracted some comments on social media! For their second series of watches, the ACHTUNG Aviatorē, the company have dialled back the garish colours somewhat but retained the same Marmite case design.

GAUGE Instruments Timeline Collection

15% off GAUGE Instruments TIMELINE collection

GAUGE Instruments are a new British watch company. Describing their mission as “to deliver eye-catching pieces that each makes a unique statement, yet which remains affordable,” they are now taking pre-orders for their limited-edition “TIMELINE” watch collection – with a 15% discount for Wristwatch Review UK readers.